Everything you need to manage a multi-channel e-commerce business

Using AI- powered tools in automated management of multi-store across Lazada, Shopee, Sendo, Haravan,... through one single system.

PowerSell Exclusive Features

Based on the best data analysis platform using leading AI-powered technology in Vietnam e-commerce market.

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    Multi-shop connection
    on multiple platforms

    One place
    connecting multi-stores across multiple e-commerce channels

    Sellers will have an overview of all products and orders across multiple shops instead of having to moving back and forth from different seller's centers. Simultaneous update of content, inventory, multiple sale prices at the same time saves time and minimizes errors.


    Lazada, Shopee, Sendo, Haravan

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    Stock sync
    across all shops

    Stock sync across all shops

    Sellers can connect the same products which are sold in different stores to the same original product (PowerSKU). This makes tracking and controlling much easier, reducing the number of employees as well as management time.

    A product sold will automatically be deducted from inventory in all stores by using PowerSKU. 

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    Competitor tracking
    & auto pricing adjustment

    Competitor tracking
    & auto pricing adjustment

    Powersell allows sellers to identify competitors and track price movements of competitors that are selling on all major e-marketplaces. Sellers only need to input the expected selling price range, the system will auto-adjust and optimize the price based on market price using artificial intelligence algorithm

    Quick update, increase competitiveness

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    Orders management
    & returns control 

    Orders management
    & returns control 

    Powersell helps sellers track all metrics relating to orders including order totals, values ​​and statuses. Sellers can minimize losses due to returns with professional control tools which take as little managing time as 5 minutes  per week.

    Track all orders in one place.

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    Automated analysis
    & smart suggestion

    Automated analysis
    & smart suggestion

    Powersell analyzes 6 important performance indicators that help sellers clearly identify the sources of revenue rise/fall between periods. Thanks to the hints that virtual assistant incorporates, consult and give warnings, sellers can make business decisions more easily.

    Powerbot provides hourly analysis, suggestion and alert.

And many outstanding features

Helps sellers save management time and minimize fixed costs


Shopee Auto - boost

Automated boosting tool to Shopee's top search resultsMỚI

Virtual Assistant

Continuously monitor and offer business management advice

Competitor Tracking

Identify and track changes in competitor's pricing on largest E-commerce platforms

Smart tags

Automatically analyzes, sorts, and locks the keywords for your products


Connect and sync products on
largest e-commerce platforms

Data export

Exporting order and
product information to Excel


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